[CentOS] Gnome boot problem (again :-) )

Wed Nov 29 09:25:29 UTC 2017
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 25/11/17 12:09, vychytraly . wrote:
> Hello friends
> I was using EL7 on gnome 3 for few months without any problem. Even 2 hours
> ago I had the computer (Laptop running on Nvidia-Prime) turned on and
> everything was working without flaw. But when I turned on the computer few
> minutes ago, I got login screen (which does not usually happen, since I
> have autologin turned on) and when I entered my login credentials I got
> black screen and went back to login screen. Everytime I entered my
> credentials the same thing happened so I was stuck in endless login loop.
> At first I thought it was caused by gnome-extension I updated to new
> version today.
For me, I noticed (on a different terminal - Ctrl+F2) that when I warm 
boot the laptop, the Nvidia Card is not recognized and hence I get that 
login loop.  When this happens, I simply fully shutdown laptop for a 
minute and when I boot up again, the card is found and all is well.  I 
might as well mention that I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop so your 
problem might be different but just thought I might mention it just in 


I used to do exactly like you - drop to shell and start messing with 
stuff until I realized that this is what was happening.  My workaround 
has been to simply shutdown, wait a minute and reboot - works always!