[CentOS] Admins supporting both RHEL and CentOS

Thu Nov 30 08:57:49 UTC 2017
Sorin Srbu <Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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> > No, it's Varian/Agilent. A big player in lab instruments.
> >
> > Funny thing, just googled them and apparently they've opensoured the
> culprit
> > software, and according to the below link, it's not locked to a
> > point release anymore!
> >
> > http://openvnmrj.org/Downloading/
> >
> > It does however still require the original software - which _is_ locked
to a
> > particular point release. Dammit', so close!
> Yes, our spectrometers that run VNMRJ are not allowed directly on the
> network.  They are tucked away safely behind a NAT'd firewall with very
> few ports open and access is only allowed by proxy ssh from a few IP
> addresses (for some reason the users want to retrieve their data from
> it!).  The extra cost of a firewall is nothing compared to the cost of
> the instrument.

Same setup here. It's the SOP for these systems I guess.
We were even able to find that specific consumer grade Zyxel router!

We solved the user access to the spectra with a script that pulled in the
data-folders from the instrument boxes via rsync to a Processing computer,
to which they could connect with eg WinSCP, after first having plugged a
hole in the firewall/router.

For some reason the users don't like going down three or four stairs to the
basement to pick up the spectra on a usb-stick, then dumping it to their own
computers and do a more detailed processing.