[CentOS] Kickstart ksdevice question

Wed Nov 1 12:45:45 UTC 2017
Mark Haney <mark.haney at neonova.net>

This should be easy to answer (I hope).  We routinely kickstart boxes to 
use for managing our customers RADIUS/DHCP configurations (along with 
other things).  We've had a C7 kickstart in place since I built one in 
May and are finally starting to roll it out for new installations.  But, 
I'm curious as to what ksdevice= actually does.

With the C6 we routinely used ksdevice=eth0 since we ship boxes with two 
NICs and knew interface 1 was always eth0.  With C7 comes the interface 
naming convention changes and that's where questions have arisen about 
that option.  It's been set as ksdevice=eno1 since I know these servers 
name the interfaces with the eno# convention (integrated dual-port).  A 
coworker of mine insists on setting it ksdevice=enp2s0 which doesn't 
seem to work like it should (though, it could be a fault netinstall 
image, I'm not sure yet).  In all honesty, we'd prefer to keep the eth# 
convention for C7 like C6.

So, my question is, does setting ksdevice=eth0 dictate to the system the 
names of the interfaces?  Is that just a name for the install process 
and the kickstart script assigns names?  (We have the kickstart script 
setting them as eno1 and eno2, btw.)

I've googled this to no end and haven't found a satisfactory answer.  
So, I'm hoping someone with more KS experience than I can explain it.

Mark Haney
Network Engineer at NeoNova
919-460-3330 option 1
mark.haney at neonova.net