[CentOS] lets talk abaut gstreamer 1.10.5, gstreamer-libav, ffmpeg, bluray and vlc

Tue Nov 7 20:57:58 UTC 2017
Andreas Benzler <andreas at benzlerweb.de>

Hello guys,

my playground this days with gstreamer resources can be found at:


The best thing for centos I think to compile the given one by gstream 

Has ffmpeg 3.2.5 not ffmpeg 2.8.13 what is the background for vlc. In
principal it's possible to build ffmpeg 3.4.


vlc 2.26 is only compatible with ffmpeg 2.8.xx release.

Hopefully i get response from the gstreamer guys to get bluray running
with gstream-libav. In the past it was possible with gstreamer 1.4.5.

As a side node as always: Got problems with dvd on usb blurayplayer,
but this is another storry and can not be fixed from the kernel side.
Buffer problems. Blurays & DVD (builtin drive) are playing with vlc.
Totem can play anything, exclude bluray. 


Another little problem is vlc 3.0 can only compiled with gcc 4.9 and
upper. Has to be rearrange for static gcclib, no real dependency by
Not yet on my todo list. Why 4.9? No g++ binary break.

Bluray taken from my libbluray1 rpm otherwise i brick gvfs (bluray
0.2.3). Recompiled test wise. Think about to write a mail to redhat.

Yes I replace the complete gstreamer 1.10.4 with 1.10.5, because of
minor update.

The original package was gstreamer-libav-0.6. It was complete
inpossible to play anything good in totem. 

What do you think ?



PS: I'm tired. Please forget my bad english this days...