[CentOS] Samba help

Wed Nov 15 02:11:20 UTC 2017
david <david at daku.org>


I have a Centos7 system (SOFA) and want to install a Samba share 
named "STUFF" for the machines inside my home.  All users in my home 
have read access to the share, but only one user "me" has write 
permission.  The configuration below worked just fine when the Samba 
system was on Centos 6, but did not work under Centos 7.  The client 
machine is Windows 10.  I have changed all "private" information for 
this message.

The Centos 7 machine is running with SELINUX disabled, and 
effectively without firewall.

Windows network browsing finds the computer, but not the share.  (it 
used to find the share with Centos 6).

The server name is SOFA
The share name is STUFF
the Workgroup name is MYGROUP

The Linux account is "melinux"
The logon name from windows is "me"

I have issued the command
   smbpass -a me

smb.conf contains:

# Samba Configuration

  dns proxy                  = no
  hosts allow                = 192.168. 127. 10. localhost
  hosts deny                 = ALL
  log file                   = /var/log/samba/%m.log
  max log size               = 50
  netbios name               = SOFA
  printcap name              = /dev/null
  printing                   = bsd
  security                   = user
  server string              = Samba %v on sofa
  socket options             = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
  username map               = /etc/samba/smbusers
  winbind use default domain = no
  workgroup                  = MYGROUP
  browsable      = yes
  case sensitive = no
  comment        = STUFF on sofa
  create mask    = 0755
  directory mask = 0755
  force user     = melinux
  guest ok       = yes
  path           = /home/samba-share
  write list     = melinux


smbusers contains:

melinux = me


Where have I gone wrong?  What changed from C6 to C7.  Any advice 
would be appreciated.