[CentOS] File access in Apache 2.4

Tue Nov 21 02:19:37 UTC 2017
david <david at daku.org>


I'm having file-access problems in Apache 2.4 under Centos 7.  In particular:

- I have a file that's readable to every user and every application, 
(writeable by only one user), but my CGI scripts cannot read it.

- Some of my CGI scripts need temporary storage for some files.  They 
are, for example, some internal log files, tnat get cleaned up over 
time, but I want to be able to look at them (as root).  Where would 
you suggest they be placed?  I've tried /tmp/my_private_files/, and 
/var/tmp/my_private_files/, but Apache fails to find even the directory.

Any suggestions?

PS:  Centos 6 had no such problems, and the file locations worked just fine.