[CentOS] Perl fun part 2

Wed Nov 29 17:31:39 UTC 2017
Mark Haney <mark.haney at neonova.net>

I figured this needed it's own thread, so apologies for spamming the list.

Along with the /usr/share/perl5 issues (which I did kinda fix with a 
manual copy of the directory from another box), we're having an issue 
with SystemD (go figure) stopping the radiator service, but failing to 
unbind the ports (1645/1646).  It's complaining about 'killproc' not 

Is there a package that's in?  Or how do I get this to work with SystemD 
properly?  We can't have this thing jacked up like this.

Any ideas?

Mark Haney
Network Engineer at NeoNova
919-460-3330 option 1
mark.haney at neonova.net