[CentOS] Display IP addresses on the system console *before* the login prompt.

Mon Oct 2 21:04:25 UTC 2017
Arun Khan <knura9 at gmail.com>

On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 1:31 PM, Leroy Tennison <leroy at datavoiceint.com> wrote:
> What does 'man agetty' (or whatever you're using) on the OS in question say?
> Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't list "\4{<nic>}" as an option and it doesn't work, 16.04 does and it does appear there (might have to press Enter to get a screen refresh).
> If the OS doesn't support it then you'll have to get creative (send 'ip addr' output to /etc/issue at boot or periodically) to get what you want.

You are right, Ubuntu 14.04 does not support it and that's where it
does *not* work.  I read the getty man page in CentOS 7/Ubuntu 16.04
and implemented in Ubuntu 14.04 duh.

-- Arun Khan