[CentOS] how to prevent files and directories from being deleted?

Wed Oct 4 09:57:10 UTC 2017
Anand Buddhdev <anandb at ripe.net>

On 04/10/2017 10:58, Gary Stainburn wrote:

> On Wednesday 04 October 2017 09:53:59 Gary Stainburn wrote:
>> I saw reference to system-tmpfs in Paul's post so I had a quick look. YUM
>> doesn't seem to know about it, but I'm sure Google will help.
> Sorry, meant systemd-tmpfiles

On a CentOS 7 system, do:

man systemd-tmpfiles
man tmpfiles.d

Those 2 manpages together explain everything you need to know about
creating temporary files and directories in /run at boot time. If you
search google, you'll probably end up at online versions of those same
man pages.