[CentOS] Voice/Fax Modem advice

Wed Oct 4 16:39:19 UTC 2017
Jose Maria Terry Jimenez <jtj at tssystems.net>

El 4/10/17 a las 17:45, david escribió:

> Folks
> A have a PCIe modem (Conexant ChipSet, PCI id = 14f1:2f83.  It 
> interfaces to my land-line (POTS) telephone line in the United 
> States.  On Windows, I had a good answering machine package (Ventafax) 
> that reported CallerID, recorded messages, sent/received fax, and had 
> a scripting language that let me say "To leave a message for Alice, 
> press 1; to leave a message for Bob, press 2", etc.
> I'm trying to move this function to a Centos-based system without 
> going to the expense or complexity of Asterisk (expense because of 
> specialized telephony cards).
> My research found a driver (at www.linuxant.com), but it required that 
> I recompile the driver.  I got absolutely lost trying to follow the 
> directions which seemed to be steering me towards a custom Kernel.
> So, my question to the group wisdom is:
> - Is there any hope in trying to find a suitable driver for this 
> device without building a custom kernel?  And if a custom "module" is 
> needed, I might need help compiling it.
> - Is there a inexpensive modem that Centos 7 supports with the needed 
> functions?  and maybe some software applications that might help?
> Thanks in advance.
> David

You can install an Asterisk with a "mini-gateway" like 
And is not so complex write a dialplan for the functions you say. There 
is many tutorial over the HT503 and Asterisk in the wild!

Hope helps you