[CentOS] New CentOS/RHEL group on Facebook

Mon Oct 9 11:14:55 UTC 2017
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

I personally dislike Facebook, but even so, I think a basic requirement for any web site striving to share knowledge is to be publicly accessible to all which at the moment it is not.
Search engines won't be able to crawl it, people without an account won't be able to access it.

Can this be changed?


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> Hi,
> There are currently two competing CentOS groups on Facebook. The "main"
> group is managed by a small group of autocrats with very unilateral
> communication skills. The other one is not managed at all, judged by the
> amount of non-CentOS-related stuff published there (Ubuntu tutorials,
> Windows games, cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses).
> I was a bit frustrated by this state of things, the more so since I've
> successfully managed the Slackware Linux Facebook group for a couple of
> years, regulating publications, keeping folks on topic and banning the
> odd spammer.
> So I decided to do the same thing I would do in a software development
> context. Fork the project and create a different CentOS/RHEL Facebook
> group. The goal of this group would simply be to provide a no-nonsense
> discussion platform for all the CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> users out there. Publications would be strictly CentOS/RHEL-centered,
> but on the other hand, you'd be free to share your CentOS-related blog
> posts, tutorials and documentation without getting flamed or banned by
> an admin.
> Anyway, feel free to join the new group:
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/2136021589748759/
> Cheers from the sunny South of France,
> Niki Kovacs
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