[CentOS] Flame war police

Wed Oct 11 22:17:04 UTC 2017
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 10/11/2017 04:05 PM, Mark Haney wrote:
> On 10/11/2017 02:44 PM, Lamar Owen wrote:
>> Hi Mark, been a while since I saw you last in Asheville.
> Hey Lamar, long time no see.  ... [snip]

Yeah, too long.  Come by and visit some time.

>> The core issue in the /var/run thread is one of lack of civility. ...
> I do agree, to a point.  Being Irish, my temper is always simmering, 
> usually over ignorance or willful stupidity.

I'm Irish, too, and that's why I have to set the protocol for myself 
that I do, and many times I'll let a post sit in a compose window half 
the day before I cancel it (or send it, as the case may be). I've had to 
perform podondectomies too many times..... (surgical removal of foot 
from mouth.....) If you never put the foot in your mouth, you never have 
to remove it.

>   But, sometimes you just have to be the bad guy when people are 
> recalcitrant.  ...  Right or wrong, I stand by it.

Ok, fair enough.  And I wasn't singling you out by any means; since I 
actually know you personally I figured you wouldn't mind my using your 
post as the reply point.
> I get it.  I really do.  And there were times I probably should have 
> walked away from the entire thread.  But, I want people to learn, and 
> learn the right way (regardless of the multitude of 'right ways' in 
> our line of work) and you just have to be very firm with those digging 
> their heels in, if, for instance, they are in a position to do real 
> harm, to data or otherwise.
People tend to dig in their heels when they're being dragged a direction 
they don't want to go....  But, again, I'm not by any means singling you 
out.  Some people, as I have learned the hard way with my eldest two 
children, just have to learn things the hard way.  I'll share my 
experience; but in the end some people have to lose data to understand 
why some things are they way they are.  And I might be doing them a 
favor in the long run by letting them.

But maybe I'm just too fatigued these days.  I just get tired of 
dragging anchors and pushing chains.

> Anyway, hope all is well with you and PARI.  I need to get back down 
> there with telescope sometime, the light pollution in RDU is just awful.
Thanks; let me know when you come up and I'll show you around at some of 
things that have changed (like our Redstone rocket engine on display, 
and  the ATS-6 satellite on loan from the Smithsonian). Just don't try 
to get any information right now from our website; it's down due to a 
double failure on our ISP's fiber ring; redundancy works great, until 
you get two trees 50 miles apart that decide to crash down on your fiber 
within two hours of each other, taking out connectivity in both 
directions.  Give it a few hours.

Let's take any more replies off-list, though.