[CentOS] scp setup jailed chroot on Centos7

Tue Oct 24 14:08:10 UTC 2017
Adrian Jenzer <a.jenzer at herzogdemeuron.com>

That's correct, forgot to mention it. We ended up using SFTP (or at least offering it to external).

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Am 2017-10-24 12:19, schrieb Adrian Jenzer:

> Hi Rainer
> I would if I could but external offers only FTP and SCP...
> Regards Adrian

AFAIK, for scp you need a proper shell.

I've done that exactly once (chrooted ssh) and it was such a pain that I 
vowed to never do it again.

The problem is that inside the chroot, you need:

  - nameresolution
  - a minimal passwd/shadow/group file (or ldap)
  - maybe for scp, you can get away with a rather minimal device-tree - 
but for actual SSH access, I needed a fairly complete device tree inside 
the chroot (ttys ...).
  - that was with FreeBSD 10, I never tried it with anything else (due to 
its history with jails, creating functional, limited chroot-environments 
is somewhat in its genes, so to speak)

Somebody sent me the link to these scripts:


Maybe you can use those scripts - I've never tried them.

Also, there's scp-only:

Haven't used that in years, either.
Concern over that one seemed to be that it's "another" shell and nobody 
had apparently done a thorough audit of it.
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