[CentOS] How to encourage maintainers to update their software

Sat Oct 28 16:33:04 UTC 2017
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

On October 27, 2017 5:54:45 PM EDT, Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net> wrote:
>On Fri, 27 Oct 2017 17:32:03 -0400
>H wrote:
>> How do I best encourage maintainers to update the software they are
>> responsible for in various repositories?
>If it's something that you need or want and it's not available in a
>repo that you currently use you can compile it yourself.
>I do that with a number of packages that are either newer or simply not
>available in the various Centos repos.  In many cases it's as easy as
>downloading a new tar source file and adding it to the existing source
>rpm, doing three seconds of editing on the spec file to account for the
>new update, and compiling the result.  Sometimes it's even easier --
>just download a newer Fedora rpm and compile that on your Centos
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These are software packages listed in various repositories, thus ostensibly maintained...