[CentOS] Yum java-devel not listed installed

Mon Oct 2 23:24:20 UTC 2017
david <david at daku.org>


I performed an install of "java-devel".  Several packages got 
installed.  So far so good.

Yet, when I performed
   yum list installed | grep java-devel
and also
   yum rpm -qa | grep java-devel

it did not show up as already installed.

This behavior appears both on Centos7 and Centos6.  This bothers me 
because as a time-saving effort, I maintain the last output of "yum 
list installed" and quickly determine whether it's worth running 
yum.  True, yum would "do nothing", but that takes several seconds.

Is there some simple explanation?  It works for all the other 
packages I've installed.