[CentOS] sidekiq receives SIGHUP when started via ssh -t

Fri Oct 13 19:04:41 UTC 2017
Yuri Kanivetsky <yuri.kanivetsky at gmail.com>


I have a couple of ideas how to fix it, but I'm trying to figure out
what's going on first. I mainly start this program (sidekiq) on Debian
systems, and it might be my first time running it under CentOS, so my
conjecture is that it has to do with differences between

Now then, when I run it this way:

ssh user at example.com '. ~/.bash_profile && rvm 2.3.1 at gemset1 && cd
path/to/site && bundle exec sidekiq -C config/sidekiq.yml -d -L

it daemonizes itself and stays running. When I add -t switch (ssh -t
...), it gets terminated by SIGHUP.

On Ubuntu it stays running in both cases. What's happening here? Any
suggestions are welcome.