[CentOS] C7, docker, logging

Fri Oct 27 13:31:27 UTC 2017
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Hi, folks,

   Well my user had errors, so I got to restart the docker daemon with
--log-level=warn. And it still dumps many of what appears to be a start
of a thread

Oct 27 01:08:32 nice docker/38c522448368[13725]:  4   8  r_TtAr  r_TtBMD 
r_CtBMD  r_CtTh  r_TbBMD  r_TbN  r_TbTh  r_CtBATA  t_TtAr  t_TtBMD 
t_CtBMD  t_CtTh  t_TbBMD  t_TbN  t_TbTh  t_CtBATA  r_MoArt  t_MoArt 
r_CtTh_EC  r_CtBMD_EC1  r_CtPoPct_EC  t_CtTh_EC  t_CtBMD_EC1  t_CtPoPct_EC
 Ex9_fnbmd  Ex9cb_pase  Ex9cb_impute  age7

...and on for about 20 more wrapped lines into the log file, a number of
ties an hour.

   This is *not* my idea of "warn" log level. Now, I see from the docs
that you can't simply tell it a logfile to use, like /var/log/docker,
but I see one of the logging drivers is something called graylog.

   So, I'm looking for advice: should I set up graylog, to get this crap
out of my syslogs, or is there something else that's a preferred
logging method?