[CentOS] Comparing directories recursively

Fri Oct 27 21:27:22 UTC 2017
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

What is the best tool to compare file hashes in two different drives/directories such as after copying a large number of files from one drive to another? I used cp -au to copy directories, not rsync, since it is between local disks.

I found a mention of hashdeep on the 'net which means first running it against the first directory generating a file with checksums and then running it a second time against the second directory using this checksum file. Hashdeep, however, is not in the CentOS repository and, according to the 'net, is possibly no longer maintained.\

I also found md5deep which seems similar.

Are there other tools for this automatic compare where I am really looking for a list of files that exist in only one place or where checksums do not match?