[CentOS] Intel Skylake Server

Thu Sep 14 18:38:58 UTC 2017
Mark (Netbook) <mrw at mwcltd.co.uk>

CentOS 6.9 has support for the Haswell processor which is a subset of the 

All Skylake server ancillary components work perfectly with CentOS 6.9.

The AST2500 used with the Skylake is very good and will process UHD. However 
this is not backwards compatible with legacy variants.

To make it work an ancillary graphics card is required which is less than 
$100. This will not break the bank.

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> When I try and load CentOS 6.9 the boot process hangs just as the Anaconda
> graphics is started for CentOS configuration.

CentOS 6.9 kernel does not have support for Skylake processors, I believe
that there is an alternate arch SIG that "may" be able to compile 6.9 with
a newer kernel or you may have to compile something using the kernel that
is available from ELRepo.

Or use another graphic card that is compatible with the kernel that comes
with CentOS 6.9.

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