[CentOS] KeePassX replacement

Sat Sep 16 15:25:38 UTC 2017
Phil Perry <pperry at elrepo.org>

On 16/09/17 16:05, Phil Perry wrote:
> The only other potential issue I see is that the latest KeePassXC 
> requires a newer version of libgcrypt, which the repo above packages as 
> libgcrypt16 (libgcrypt version 1.6.6) on el7. The release of 1.6 broke 
> ABI compatibility with version 1.5 in el7. I have not tried building 
> KeePassXC against libgcrypt-1.5 in el7 to know if that is viable.

I've just looked at the ABI changes, and can confirm that the latest 
version of KeePassXC uses the GCRY_CIPHER_SALSA20 cipher function added 
in libgcrypt-1.6, so users will also need to install a newer version of 
libgcrypt alongside version 1.5 in el7.