[CentOS] KeePassX replacement

Tue Sep 19 09:18:59 UTC 2017
Sorin Srbu <Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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On Mon, 18 Sep 2017, Valeri Galtsev wrote:

>> You may have reasons to prefer KeePassX over KeePass 2, though.
> I for one use keepassx. My password database is synchronized between
> variety of systems, and I can view/edit it on: CentOS, FreeBSD, MS
> Windows, Android (and should be able on any derivatives of those). I
> didn't try iOS as currently I don't have a need in that.
> Incidentally, does anybody know if there is any necessity in keepassx to
> be patched? Did I read the original post correctly: there is no activity
> on the development site for long time? Should there be any? (As, I would
> say for comparison: cvs is so established software that there is no
> development to expect, only if there are any security holes found those
> need to be patched). Any insight on KeePassX anybody?
> Valeri


using keepassx probably for 10 years or so across linux,win,mac,ios

in late 2015 there was a security issue found and folks @ keepassx.org
patched it fairly  quickly and patch propagated
up to epel quickly as well ...

passwd manager {non-cloud ones} , in my opinion,
is a "static"  concept ...
unless no issues with the underlying frameworks,
what's there to patch ...



What is/are a good cloud-less password manager if I'd need it in a
cross-platform scenario;  Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu and Android?

A cloud enabled manager would be okay I guess if I could move the password
database to say my own private cloud and be able to access it from there
from all platforms.

KeepassX seemed like a good choice until I found out it didn't do Android.

Suggestions greatly appreciated!