[CentOS] owncloud on CentOS - I have problems installing/updating recently

Fri Sep 22 10:21:33 UTC 2017
Sorin Srbu <Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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>> I know that many prefer EPEL packages but sometimes life gets ahead of
> So far as owncloud in EPEL/CentOS is concerned it's not actually lagging
> that badly ... the most recent 9.1.X release is 9.1.6 and it's only a few
> minor bugfixes for the large part over the 9.1.5 in the EPEL repo.
> https://owncloud.org/changelog/
> Do note that when I push 9.1.6 (which will be soon now I have a little
> time) it'll probably be close to the last owncloud package in EPEL7 at the
> least ... I'll include an EOL/retirement notice in the package when I get
> around to it and will mail here and epel-devel and epel-announce mailing
> lists.
> The 10.x release of owncloud bumps the minimum PHP version to 5.6 ...
> which
> is obviously not in base repos and I'm not permitted to depend on packages
> in SCL or 3rd party repos in EPEL.
> The nextcloud package is in a worse state as things stand ... the version
> that can be in EPEL is officially EOL ... I'll push out a 10.0.6 release
> soon with the EOL notice and email about this. From 11 onwards they
> PHP5.6+ as well.
> For now my recommendation for owncloud or nextcloud is to use their most
> recent manual tarball/zip install and PHP 7.1 from your preferred choice
> IUS, RemiRepo or SCL ... or run their official containers.
> I hope to have a container option soon(ish) as part of the Fedora
> Service initiative that would allow you to run the Fedora based version
> easily, which would bypass the PHP version issues.... but that needs me to
> have time to get all the dependency issues sorted and carry out the Fedora
> upgrades.
> Reminder that I have a job and family and 2 year old daughter ... time to
> do all this is precious and if you want to see this happen then help is
> always welcome :)
> James

Just to make sure, I in no way complain about how things are with EPEL. I'm
happy as is.

Take your time with the family, they are indeed precious. 
Failed OC and php installs and tests on the end-user side can be redone. :-)