[CentOS] [Slightly OT] Use CentOS to create a bootable Mac OS X DVD from dmg file?

Sun Sep 24 17:03:50 UTC 2017
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On Sun, September 24, 2017 11:45 am, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Le 24/09/2017 à 03:22, Scott Robbins a écrit :
>> I've done this a few times. I used acertoneiso and/or poweris.
>> At the time I wrote something on it, I was running CentOS-6x which
>> didn't
>> work acertone.  But I can't guarantee you won't get coasters.
>> The notes are at http://srobb.net/dvds.html/#OSX
> I was a bit angered by the OS X lock-in,

<do not read it, it is feeble attempt to say funny things>

Apple sells hardware. But people are buying it because they like MacOS
(which Apple only allows to run on Apple hardware). And they pay more for
the same hardware (we used to say that having macintosh is like driving
Ferrari: Ford or Subaru will get you around, but Ferrari gives you that
shic ;-) I have mixed feelings about MacOS and Apple over time, but I have
to admit that MacOS has the best of both worlds: great GUI, and real UNIX
under hood. I do not like several things about keyboard (as I my commands
containd "Linuxisms" on FreeBSD when I switched to it, and these days I
have "freebsd-isms" on Linuxes sometimes, I do have "macintoshisms"
everywhere too). In the past some 20 years ago we had a joke: looking at
mouse you can tell what system it is: 3 buttons - UNIX, 2 buttons:
Windows, 1 button - Macintosh. Windows at some point jumped to many
buttons, mac was staying with one button really long. But now they outdid
themselves, they have "iPadish" gestures on their mouse. Now you can or
rather have to pet their mouse (lightly going along its spine with two
fingers for scroll). I pet my cats, bit to pet mouse, this is something


> so I decided to replace it with
> Linux. Unfortunately the hardware didn't play well with CentOS (KDE
> would freeze with both the nouveau and the nvidia driver), but here's
> what I managed to do.
> https://blog.microlinux.fr/ubuntu-xenial-macbook/
> Works like a charm now.
> Cheers,
> Niki
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