[CentOS] System shutdown on OOM

Tue Sep 26 07:00:52 UTC 2017
Thomas Plant <thomas at plant.systems>

Am 25.09.2017 um 18:20 schrieb Steven Tardy:
>> On Sep 25, 2017, at 2:56 AM, Thomas Plant <thomas at plant.systems> wrote:
>> OOM situation
> Do you have `sar` installed and activated?
> Does sar output show high memory leading up to the outage?
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No 'sar' installed. It is a client server where I do not want to mess 
around to much.
Yesterday happened again, it tried to kill httpd processes, but all have 
a oom_score_adj of -1000. So nothing could be killed.
Where does Centos 7.4 set the oom_score_adj? Maybe I should lower it, as 
it seems to me as there is mod_php involved and some processes get stuck 
and fill the memory.