[CentOS] Semi-OT: hardware: NVidia proprietary driver, C7.4

Thu Sep 28 07:50:10 UTC 2017
Sorin Srbu <Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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> Subject: Re: [CentOS] Semi-OT: hardware: NVidia proprietary driver, C7.4
> >> There was a bug with recent legacy releases that affected el7.4
> >> We (elrepo) patched the driver to fix that on rhel7.4 releases. I'm not
> >> sure but it _may_ have been fixed in the 340.104 driver released last
> >> week - I've not bothered building it as the changelog only mentions
> >> "Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels" which we
> >> patched/fixed in our the previous release and other issues which don't
> >> affect kmods on RHEL.
> >>
> >> So it sounds like a known issue which has already been fixed. If you
> >> don't want to use our packages, maybe take a look at the patch and try
> >> applying it to your build.
> >
> > Tested 340.76, 340.102, 340.104 (elrepo and proprietary).
> > No luck over here with a GTX260 and the 64b-drivers.
> >
> > Will test some more, if still no luck, I'll just reinstall from scratch.
> >
> The kmod-nvidia-340xx-340.102-4.el7_4.elrepo.x86_64.rpm driver should
> work for your card on el7.4.
> All previous releases in elrepo were for el7.3 (and earlier) and are not
> compatible with the el7.4 series kernel.

My trouble-shooting yesterday just before I went home from work showed that
it seemed to have been gdm that borked out for some reason. I've never had
that happen to me, regardless of CentOS version.
Installing lightdm brought everything backup as expected.

Has anybody else had gdm act up?

Weird in any case.