[CentOS] Intel Skylake Server

Thu Sep 14 16:06:36 UTC 2017
Mark (Netbook) <mrw at mwcltd.co.uk>


I have a pre-production Intel Skylake server using dual 8176 processors (28 core @2.1Ghz)

I have loaded from the DVD distribution CentOS 7.3 and RHEL 7.4 with no problems.

When I try and load CentOS 6.9 the boot process hangs just as the Anaconda graphics is started for CentOS configuration.

If I use a secondary graphics card then the process completes with no problems and CentOS boots from the system disk error free.

The server uses AST2500 graphics as standard. This seems to be the problem.

What I need is an iso file that I can load during the initial boot process.

I have tried various grub options and they don’t work.

The reason that I am trying CentOS 6.9 is that many people have applications which will only run on CentOS 6.*.

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