[CentOS] LVM not activating on reboot

Sat Sep 30 15:30:56 UTC 2017
Duncan Brown <centos2 at duncb.co.uk>


I've recently rebuilt my home server using centos 7, and transplanted 
over the main storage disks

It's a 3 disk raid5, with an lvm storage group (vg03) on there

Activating and mounting works fine:

# vgscan
   Reading volume groups from cache.
   Found volume group "vg03" using metadata type lvm2

# vgchange -ay
   1 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg03" now active

# lvscan
   ACTIVE            '/dev/vg03/storage' [<1.82 TiB] inherit

I can then mount /dev/vg03/storage as expected

However on a reboot, boot fails if I add that entry to fstab:

'Timed out waiting for device dev-mapper-vg03\x2dstorage.device'

I then have to activate it again with vgchange. I'm guessing I'm going 
to need a grub option, or do something with dracut but I'm a bit stuck here