[CentOS] Down C6 ALL without torrent ?

Fri Apr 20 07:56:53 UTC 2018
Jürgen Gotteswinter <Juergen.Gotteswinter at financial.com>

> Aha, now I understand what you want. It probably doesn't exist on
> master repository server. You can re-master DVD from two of them or
> from a copy of content of both in some directory on hard drive.

Unsure how to remaster two DVDs, total 6GB?, onto a USB stick. I can copy both DVDs to a directory. To make the directory contents into a single ISO is, currently, beyond my knowledge but will Google.

Just drop all rpms into the Packages Dir and you are done



Oops, sorry i forgot that you should do a "createrepo /path/to/Packages after that (this will re-create the rpm index)


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