[CentOS] Vmware - Slightly off topic

Wed Apr 25 13:52:05 UTC 2018
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 04/24/2018 01:26 PM, Jerry Geis wrote:
> What is the correct way to provide a CentOS 7 - WMware image for ESX ?
> ...
> I just want to be able to provide a pre-built image with CentOS 7 and my
> other programs on a bootable VMware image that is easily imported into any
> VMware platform - Workstation, ESX or other.
> How is that accomplished ?
> Thanks for your thoughts and experience.
While my experience with ESX is rather old at this point, as is my 
experience with Workstation, since I have converted to KVM for my 
virtualization here, I will just point out that the virtual hardware 
supported by ESX(i) and Workstation are not the same.  I don't know if 
current vSphere/ESXi is different, but it's easy enough to check, but 
older ESX only supported SCSI for the virtual hard disks; no IDE hard 
disk support in ESX, and Workstation defaults to IDE hard disks.  VMware 
Workstation and ESXi are very different products, or at least the last 
versions of each that I actively used were.  So check which ESXi version 
you're targeting, and make sure you install the guest in Workstation 
with that hardware version and with ESXi-compatible devices.

And then there is VMware Fusion for macOS....