[CentOS] formating DVR-RW

Sun Apr 29 16:48:05 UTC 2018
Thomas Schmitt <scdbackup at gmx.net>


> No message, it just went to 100% CPU and quit responding.

Did you start it in a terminal window by a shell command ?
In this case my local K3B (2.0.2) floods it with debug messages.


So i need to get a DVD-RW into blank unformatted state.
K3B offers me "Format and Erase" but not blanking.
  xorriso -outdev /dev/sr4 -blank all
to make it similar to a blank DVD-R.

900 seconds later:
New Data Project -> fiddle in some directory -> Burn
"Writing Mode" offers me "Auto", "DAO", "Restricted Overwrite".
But i want "Incremental". Grrr. So i try to enforce it with tab "Misc"
and set "Multisession Mode" to "Start Multisession". (DAO cannot keep
the medium appendable. So growisofs should choose "Incremental".)
I let "Writing Mode" at "auto".
Button "Burn". CPU (Xeon 4x2) varies between 1100 and 3500 MHz.

After 598 of 632 MiB have been reported as written, there is no progress
message for a while although the drive seems to burn normally.
This could be growisofs' habit to fill DVD-R[W] up to 1 GiB at least.
But the CPU is quite idle. (100 % never happens. But 12.5 % would be
one busy core.)

Then suddenly writing is done and verifying begins. Finally K3B says
"Written data verified".
The resulting DVD-RW is indeed appendable. So this run was Incremental
and not DAO.

I import the written session and add another directory tree.
In "Burn" -> "Misc" i chose "Finish Multisession" as "Multisession Mode".
After burning, the medium has two sessions and is closed.

I could try "Writing mode" "Restriced Overwrite". But that is the formatted
medium state which is not available for DVD-R media without "W" in their
type name.

Could you try
* whether Writing Mode "auto" and Multisession Mode ""Start Multisession"
  yield success in a first session,
* whether the DVD-R is then readable on all intended drives,
* whether the DVD-R then takes a second session with "Finish Multisession"
* and whether the DVD-R is then readable and shows the files from both

Have a nice day :)