[CentOS] YUM4/DNF for CentOS updates announcement

Fri Apr 13 14:26:31 UTC 2018
Marek Blaha <mblaha at redhat.com>

I am pleased to announce some significant updates to our ConfigManagement
Special Interest Group for YUM4. This provides YUM4, based on DNF
technology, for testing on CentOS Linux 7/x86_64. These updates are based
on feedback from our prior test release last October. It includes signed
packages, core DNF plugins, and uses a version of RPM very similar to and
compatible with the upcoming version of CentOS 7.5.

This initiative is based on a partnership with the upstream YUM and DNF
maintainers for the future of package management. Our testing thus far
indicates no major problems, but we would love to find out how it fits into
your existing YUM 3 workflows. So please consider filling out the short
survey - your feedback helps us all get better.

YUM 4 provides significant improvements such as fast dependency resolution
and a stable, documented API. See the references below for detailed
improvements. We have made every effort to preserve the existing end-user
experience that is available with YUM 3. This is the primary reason for
making YUM 4 available for testing now.

For detailed information and instructions to install YUM4 on your CentOS
machine, please visit our wiki:

And remember to submit feedback in the short survey to help us understand
how it can be improved further:

Many thanks to the CentOS Project team for their assistance in making this


Marek Blaha