[CentOS] How to set macaddr with nmcli

Fri Aug 3 13:34:10 UTC 2018
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> I see my problem.  I mis-read what
> nmcli con mod eth0 mac "02:67:15:00:81:0B"
> does.  It sets HWADDR; which interface to link to, not MACADDR, what MAC
> address you want for your interface.
> So I have read the nmcli pages and googled a bit.  I cannot find a way
> to set MACADDR.  I suppose I can set HWADDR then use sed to change it to
> MACADDR, but this seems a real hack.
Do it in the ifcfg-*, and in /etc/udev/rules.d/*-net.rules. I *think*
that's all I've changed.

I have to spoof it on a couple of users' workstations, because they're
running 9 yr old software that's productive... and tied to the MAC address
*and* to the NIC name, so I have to have a couple of parms on the grub2
command line, because it *has* to be named eth0. Oh, and the maker was
sold, and the new company says, "you changed machines? Sure, we'll
generate a new license... that'll be $15,000, please.
> BTW, I remember setting MAC addresses on 3COM 3C501C boards because the
> old board died and we had software licensed to specific MAC addresses.  So
> you had to specify your MAC address in the config file.  The DEC admin had
> to do a similar thing if he had to swap out his LAN card (related: read up
> on why Dr. Comer set ARP timeout to 10min).
> Then there was that counterfeit 3C503C from Malaysia, all with the same
> MAC address.  Caused havoc on the networks.  EVERYONE had to specify
> their MAC address with those.  3COM did find the plant making these clones
> and shut them down.  But the damage was done to a lot of us.

Oh, wow, I don't remember hearing about that. What a freakin' pain!