[CentOS] rsync versioning problem

Fri Aug 3 15:59:20 UTC 2018
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

On 08/03/2018 11:07 AM, Warren Young wrote:
> On Aug 3, 2018, at 8:57 AM, Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com> wrote:
>> I seem to have an rsync versioning problem.
> Have you ruled out the other causes of that error?  For instance:
>      https://askubuntu.com/a/716911

yeah.  It is backups, not backup.  Oops.

>> And researching this it comes down to a versioning issue.
> That seems rather unlikely for such an old and stable tool as rsync, and especially for two versions with the same major version number.  If you’d said rsync 2 and 3 or we were talking about a tool that still hadn’t hit 1.0 yet, I’d believe the protocol was still in flux, but rsync is 22 years old now.
> On the other hand, 3.0.6 is nine years old now, so maybe.
>> rsync -ah --stats --delete -e “ssh"
> You haven’t needed "-e ssh” since rsync 2.6.0, which made it the default.  It was released in 2004.

How do I specify -p and -l that I cut out of my example?

"ssh -pnnn -luserid"

>> /var/flexshare/shares x.htt-consult.com:/media/backup/homebase/var/flexshare/shares/
> Rsync won’t create multiple levels of directories on the target.  It will only create up to one level of missing directories.  Try this:
>      $ ssh x.htt-consult.com 'mkdir -p /media/backup/homebase/var/flexshare/shares/'

Oh?  I have been doing this in one shape or form for a long time. It is 
running right now, copying all the sub dirs and creating any new needed 

rsync -ah --stats --delete -e "ssh -pnnnn -l user" 

Note the source ending with /

That is needed.  Without it, it creates a shares directory under the 
target directory.
> Then retry the rsync.
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