[CentOS] GNOME lockscreen freeze on notification

Sat Aug 18 04:06:16 UTC 2018
Yan Li <elliot.li.tech at gmail.com>

On 08/17/2018 02:37 PM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> I just installed CentOS 7 with GNOME on my new Dell Latitude E6230
> laptop. So far, everything runs nicely. I just have one problem with the
> GNOME lockscreen.
> I launched the OwnCloud client and started to synchronize about 20 GB of
> data from my OwnCloud server. During the sync, I left the laptop
> unattended. After about 15 minutes, the desktop was replaced by the
> lockscreen, as it should.
> As soon as the OwnCloud sync was finished, there was a corresponding
> notification that displayed on the lockscreen.
> Usually I hit [Enter] to exit the lockscreen by providing my user
> password. Only this time nothing happened. The lockscreen seemed to have
> frozen with the notification in the center. To exit it, I had to hard
> reset my laptop.
> Anyone knows what could be the problem here?

Not sure if the notification caused your problem or if it was a red 
herring. I always receive tons of notifications while my screen is 
locked, Slack, Firefox (Facebook, Google Calendar, etc), Thunderbird, 
etc. None of them has ever caused any problem with the GNOME lockscreen.

Yan Li