[CentOS] OT: Linux recommendations for old Pentium PC

Fri Aug 31 14:52:53 UTC 2018
Gary Stainburn <gary at ringways.co.uk>

On Friday 31 August 2018 15:44:53 Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> I would use FreeBSD (and I do use FreeBSD for bacula, now bareos backup
> server and storage hosts), it has really small "footprint", and it is
> quite widespread.
> Incidentally, I was using bacula for very long time, but recently I
> switched to bacula's fork: bareos. You may want to consider the
> differences before you finalized everything in stone.
> Valeri

Hi Valeri,

Thanks for this. I haven't looked at FreeBSD since the 1990's or there abouts, 
but I'll give it a look.  

I'm also looking at lubuntu, but was hoping that there was a lcentos. We tend 
to like what we're used to.

I'd be interested in your views on the differences between bacula and Bareos. 
I do have one Bareos storeage device but that's just in Bacula compat mode.