[CentOS] Mail has quit working

Pete Biggs pete at biggs.org.uk
Fri Aug 24 21:16:15 UTC 2018

> > I think part of the problem is that 'localhost' is being interpreted as
> > the IPv6 loopback device ::1 and not the v4 - it may be that
> > roundcube has got a wrong mailhost stored. Try running the following
> > SQL command on your roundcube database:
> > 
> >  mysql --user=rc -p roundcubemail -e "select username,mail_host from
> > users;"
> > 
> > It will prompt for the password. (Obviously use a different user if
> > it's not 'rc' and a different databasename if it's not 'roundcubemail'
> > - they are the defaults and are defined in the roundcube config file.)
> > 
> > It will come back with a list of the users defined and the mailhost it
> > will attempt to connect to for that user.
> > 
> > P.
> I seem to have forgotten the password I used. Have tried everything. I may
> have to re-install roundcube.
A bit further up in the roundcube config file there's a line defining
the database connection. The username, password and database name are
all in the definition - something like

 $config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://username:password@host/database';


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