[CentOS] Using InstallAnywhere with CentOS? ... anyone

Tue Aug 21 11:57:03 UTC 2018
KM <info4km at yahoo.com>

Hi All,I was wondering if anyone else uses InstallAnywhere to create a multi-platform installer for their products. My company does.  However we have an official build server that is running CentOS, obviously because it is opensource and easy to update etc.  However after we converted our build from an old RedHat 5 server to CentOS and were using InstallAnywhere we found out that it is not officially supported on CentOS but is officially supported on RedHat.
This doesn't really make any sense to me since they are the same (or virtually the same).  I guess it has to do with the amount of time a company wants to spend testing products on different platforms.
All this being said,  the main reason for this email is to encourage anyone using InstallAnywhere on CentOS for the designer and build functionality, to request that Flexera support CentOS officially.  I only want this in case we have specific issues that arise due to the platform.  Although it is true the RedHat users will most likely see the same results, it would be beneficial to have official support. 
Note that CentOS is support as a runtime or production execution platform.  I am speaking mainly of the build and design functionality.  Please also note that Flexera has not refused to help me with any of my issues so far. They have been great, but these issues are not OS related, they had to do with the use of their product.
Thanks in advance for any help that you may give.KM