[CentOS] vdo statustics on Dedup?

Fri Aug 31 20:18:03 UTC 2018
david <david at daku.org>


I've started to use "vdo" instead of zfs in Centos 7.  I hope this is 
a wise decision.  However, I'm a bit mystified in decoding the 
"vdostats" output.

I'd like to figure out how well deduplication is working.  One 
measure would be to find two numbers:
  L = How many bocks are in use as reported to tools like df
  P = How many actual blocks are in use.

Then a value such as L/P, which can never be less than 1, would be 
interesting.  If I have typically four copies of everything, I'd 
expect to see L/P close to 4.00.

What two numbers, in the "vdostats" do this if any?