[CentOS] DNS bind - use of /etc/named directory

Tue Dec 4 08:19:37 UTC 2018
J Martin Rushton <martinrushton56 at btinternet.com>

The '/etc/named.conf.rpmnew' file supplied is a bare minimum to
"configure the ... server as a caching only nameserver (as a localhost
DNS resolver only)".  As soon as you start adding any structure to it
things change, not just are added to.  See
'/usr/share/doc/bind-*/sample/etc/named.conf' for example.  Probably the
biggest "gotcha" is that as soon as you use _any_ views you MUST use
views for _all_ zones.

If you were to move the default '/etc/named.conf.rpmnew' to
'/etc/named.conf' and add an 'include "/etc/named/*";', line as you
suggest, you would be building problems for the future.  Let's say you
dropped in 'internal.conf' which had a simple 'view "internal" stanza -
then your root hints, localhost, localhost IPV6 and reverse localhosts
would disappear.  Just what you wouldn't want at 00:51 !

What you can do safely is to include the zone definitions in a separate
file (see '/etc/named.rfc1912.zones' for example) and include that file.
 Doing things this way means that your main configuration file can be
written to either use views or not, and to just include your zone
definitions in the appropriate place.  See the sample file for an example.



On 04/12/18 00:51, John Horne wrote:
> Hello,
> For many years we have modified the '/etc/named.conf' file to include local
> settings. The disadvantage with this is of course that when bind is updated, it
> creates an '/etc/named.conf.rpmnew' file. We then have to determine what is
> new, and apply the relevant changes to our modified named.conf file.
> There is, however, an '/etc/named' directory which I assumed was for local
> configuration settings. The main '/etc/named.conf' file makes no mention of
> this directory, so (I suspect) any config files in '/etc/named' would, by
> default, just be ignored.
> As far as I can tell we could put our local configuration settings into a file
> in '/etc/named', but we would then, once again, have to modify
> '/etc/named.conf' to tell it to include config files in '/etc/named'. We would
> then be back at square one in that any bind update would create an 'rpmnew'
> file.
> I admit I haven't actually tested this, but has anyone used the '/etc/named'
> directory and not had to modify the main '/etc/named.conf' file?
> I suspect, if not, then this should be raised as a possible bug since it would
> make sense not to have to modify the main configuration file at all.
> Thanks,
> John.
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