[CentOS] Centos7 broken after update

Sat Dec 8 13:07:11 UTC 2018
Ulf Volmer <u.volmer at u-v.de>

On 08.12.18 13:48, Patrick Bégou wrote:

> There are 1 outstanding transactions to complete. Finishing the most

> Any idea to go back to a normal situation before a full re-install ?

restoring the old state before the broken 'yum update' can be done by

package-cleanup --dupes

will give you a long list of duplicate packages.

package-cleanup --cleandupes --removenewestdupes

will try to remove the duplicate rpms from the update.

after that you should run 'package-cleanup --dupes' and clean the
remaining dupes manually. if this is done, you can try to run the
'yum update' again.

HTH and best regards