[CentOS] Centos7 broken after update

Sat Dec 8 15:22:43 UTC 2018
Ulf Volmer <u.volmer at u-v.de>

On 08.12.18 15:18, PATRICK BÉGOU wrote:

> thanks for the suggestion. Indeed it seems I have a problem with glibc. Version is different between x86_64 and i386 and I have two glibc-common for x86_64. 
> Trying to remove the old one request removing half of the system packages because of the dependancies. The newest cannot be removed. 
> glibc-2.17-222.el7.i686 
> glibc-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 
> glibc-common-2.17-222.el7.x86_64 
> glibc-common-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 
> glibc-devel-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 
> glibc-headers-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 

my first try would be to remove glibc-common-2.17-222.el7.x86_64. and
try to run yum update then again.

(BTW: please do not top post).

best regards