[CentOS] Centos7 broken after update

Sun Dec 9 09:38:38 UTC 2018
Patrick Bégou <Patrick.Begou at legi.grenoble-inp.fr>

Le 08/12/2018 à 16:23, Pete Biggs a écrit :
>> thanks for the suggestion. Indeed it seems I have a problem with
>> glibc. Version is different between x86_64 and i386 and I have two
>> glibc-common for x86_64. 
>> Trying to remove the old one request removing half of the system
>> packages because of the dependancies. The newest cannot be removed. 
>> glibc-2.17-222.el7.i686 
>> glibc-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 
>> glibc-common-2.17-222.el7.x86_64 
>> glibc-common-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 
>> glibc-devel-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 
>> glibc-headers-2.17-260.el7.x86_64 
> Yes, I battled with this exact same problem earlier in the week -
> machine crashed halfway through the big update leaving things in a very
> inconsistent state (lots of dupes, some library files zero length -
> which was fun). Took me about 12 hours in total to sort out - I was
> that close to just re-installing.
> For glibc problem, can you do 
>    yum erase glibc-2.17-222.el7.i686
> there shouldn't be any serious dependencies on the .i686 version.  If
> there are, just make a note and reinstall them later.
> "package-cleanup --cleandupes" helped sort out some of the issues and
> with the remaining few it was a case of manually removing the specific
> versions and reinstalling what dependencies there were.
> Once most of the issues were done, I then did a 'yum distrosync" (or
> whatever it's called) to make sure packages were correct.
> I still had problems with zero length files in some places, so I
> installed yum-verify and ran 'yum verify' to show packages that were
> inconsistent - there were lots. To get a list of them I did
>   yum verify > yum.verify.out
>   grep ' : ' yum.verify.out
> The 'yum verify' takes a looong time, so be patient.
> P.
Thanks all for these advices. I've cleaned all these duplicates. It
removed several hundreds of rpm. Two duplicates were not removables
because they were depedencies of protected package (ie :yum...). After
checking with "yum verify" I reinstalled near 50 packages manualy. Then
"yum update" was successfull and I reinstalled (with "yum groupinstall")
most of the things. Then ran again a duplicate removal with success
(there were 2 packages remaining in duplicate state).
The laptop is stable now and works even if my environment is a little
bit different than previously. Difficult to know what is missing now.

Monday I'll update the backup of my datas (last backup was 2 days ago)
and re-install this laptop (it's fast, just a pxe boot and kickstart) at
work as I need to have the same config than the other users. Many thanks
for your help wich allow me to understand how to solve such a situation.
Crashing this laptop was not critical, just unable to work this
week-end, but if this happens later on one of my servers, I have now a
validated strategy to apply. This was why solving the problem was

And sorry Ulf for previous top posting.