[CentOS] Firewalld and iptables

Fri Dec 14 22:57:32 UTC 2018
Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us>

On Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 03:14:12PM -0700, Warren Young wrote:
> On Dec 14, 2018, at 2:30 PM, Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us> wrote:
> > 
> > After a recent large update, firewalld's status contains
> > many lines of the form:
> > 
> >  WARNING: COMMAND_FAILED: '/usr/sbin/iptables…
> What’s the rest of the command?

Well, there are about 20 of them and several screen widths
long.  However they all end with one of two reasons:

  : No chain/target/match by that name.
  : Bad rule (does a matching rule exist in that chain?).

> > Checking iptables.service status shows it to be masked.
> That’s probably from package iptables-services, which isn’t installed by default on purpose. It’s the legacy service from before firewalld was made the default.  Use one or the other, not both.

After the update I got email from "ckservices" that firewalld was down.
I saw the above mentioned iptable errors and checked the iptables.service
to find it masked.  I shutdown firewalld, unmasked, enabled, and started
iptables.service and then firewalld.  Same errors.  So I shutdown iptables
service, masked it, and restarted firewalld.

> I strongly recommend that you use firewalld ...
Never planned to do otherwise.  Just was uncertain if iptables.service
had to run also.

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