[CentOS] KVM Client NetworkManager Problem

Mon Dec 17 05:33:22 UTC 2018
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> hello Greg,
> thanks for the answer, now I am not so alone ;-)
> this Problem with the third NIC in a KVM Client is from Update to Update
> stronger. I mean on start the Installation "CentOS 7.0" we don't have this
> Problem!
> without NetworkManager is run, on my system, I can't start the third
> Network-
> Card, I have always a LSB Error on the KVM-Clients ??
> So now I found a workaround for my Problem :-(. (What are changed in the
> Network Configuration)
> I set up the first and second NIC to "hostdev" (hardware) this is running
> also
> before the update and set “NM_CONTROLLED=no” to this NIC's.
> The third is a Bridge controlled Interface now is running with
> NetworkManager
> as a static Interface with "PEERDNS=no" so I have my resolv.conf is not
> always
> change and NetworkManager don't create a new Interface with a DHCP config
> ??

To disable the fiddling of the tools with your /etc/resolv.conf, you can
add this to disable it. Works for the init scripts and NetworkManager: