[CentOS] Fedora Server - as an alternative ?

Thu Dec 20 17:19:12 UTC 2018
lejeczek <peljasz at yahoo.co.uk>

On 20/12/2018 15:33, mark wrote:
> lejeczek via CentOS wrote:
>> hi guys
>> I wonder if any Centosian here have done something different than only
>> contemplated using Fedora Server, actually worked on it in test/production
>> envs.
>> If here are some folks who have done it I want to ask if you deem it to
>> be a viable option to put it on at least portion of servers stack.
>> Anybody?
> I would not run it as a server. In a server and workstation environment,
> you do *not* want to have daily multiple updates to software, you want
> stability, or you're likely to have your users seriously aggravated by
> you, for breaking their jobs far too frequently.
> Spin up a VM or two, for folks who actually (or think they actually) need
> newer software and utility stacks, but use something stable as a base.
>        mark "I do see how many update's my manager's fedora box gets..."
What I'm really looking forward to - why I thought I'd poke around, thus 
that question - is RDP in Wayland.

When it get's into RHELs I worry be ages and I'd really love to try to 
introduce Linux desktops to those really dumb and unreformable users.

Everything else - frequent updates, etc. These can be as rare as we 
users want them, another extra bit of time to think of it would not kill 
me, personally.

Also, we all know, what is in those Fedoras(maybe more so when it comes 
to "server" variant) is going to end up in our Centoses - why not help 
by using/testing those, I ask myself. Especially now with 29 which I 
suspect might be our Centos main new version.

So I'm thinking.. I'll start mixing that Fedora Server in.