[CentOS] upg. CentOS 7.5 to 7.6: unable to mount smb shares - samba NT domain member using ldap

Mon Dec 31 08:03:05 UTC 2018
Miroslav Geisselreiter <mg at intar.cz>

Thank you Gordon for this tip but it does not solve my problem.

 From smb.conf:
workgroup = NT4DOMAIN
netbios name = NT4MEMBER

I am able to connect to smb share from linux client:
smbclient //NT4MEMBER/share1 -U NT4MEMBER\\user1
but from windows machine it is not possible.

Correct command from linux client should be
smbclient //NT4MEMBER/share1 -U NT4DOMAIN\\user1
(user is from NT4DOMAIN, not from NT4MEMBER)

This command is not working after upgrade. Logs say something about crap 
[26721]: pam auth crap domain: [NT4DOMAIN] user: user1
[26699]: pam auth crap domain: NT4DOMAIN user: user1
set_dc_type_and_flags_connect: DC for domain NT4DOMAIN claimed it was a 
DC for domain NT4MEMBER, refusing to initialize
NTLM CRAP authentication for user [NT4DOMAIN]\[user1] returned 

 From Windows clients there is no way how to connect.

It looks like winbindd should use NT4DOMAIN but using NT4MEMBER.


Dne 30.12.2018 v 20:57 Gordon Messmer napsal(a):
> On 12/21/18 12:15 PM, Miroslav Geisselreiter wrote:
>> Thanks for tip, Kenneth.
>> Please find proper formatted logs here:
>> https://pastebin.com/eXfNWBLu 
> This looks like a discussion of a similar problem.  There are two 
> suggested solutions:
> https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/454004/smbclient-not-able-to-connect-to-after-upgrade-to-rhel7 
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