[CentOS] Centos7- WiFi not recognized - HWaddress - Or Any Idea

Mon Dec 3 06:22:33 UTC 2018
Cristian Danciu <cristiandanciutm at yahoo.co.uk>

I recently installed centos7+Gnome on my macbook air , at first start the wireless adaptor , which is the (infamous?) BCMA4360 , seemed to work because I was asked to choose the network and provided password, but thereafter wifi did not appear, so I can connect to the Internet only by cable. Googling a few days and checking on my computer I found the following:- the infamous wifi adapter BCM4360 appears on lshw list- the driver for wifi adapter appears on lsmod list as BCMA, and I also find the driver, bcm-pci-bridge in sys/bus/drivers- i didn't find any file in /etc/sysconfig/network_scripts where the device is bcma wifi adapter, or any wifi.
My idea to workaround this is: to create a file in /etc/sysconfig/network_scripts/, in wich i inteded to pass the HWadress of the device(BCMA4360), but I wasn't able to find a way to get this address.If somebody can help me to find a way to get this HWaddr would be very appreciated.Or any ideas to get wifi on my fancy macbook air with centos and no macos at all, because at installation somehow i accomplished the performance to format the entire disk.I also mention that I am not an IT guy, but I want to learn a lot about the linux centos, but first things first : I need wifi.