[CentOS] SSD no longer detected - slightly off topic

Sun Dec 16 13:34:29 UTC 2018
Jerry Geis <jerry.geis at gmail.com>

Hi All,

I have a new Samsung SSD 2T 860 type device.  I connected it to my centos
7.6 system using external USB 3.1 that has power and data supplied over the
USB cable.  I do this all the time with a 120G SSD works fine.

Formatting the device worked fine - then I mounted it and tried to copy
1.5T of data. The copy never finished through the night. I think there
wasn't enough power for the SSD....

Now when I power the SSD with an external USB with power the disk is not
seen when I plug it in.

Any thoughts how to get the device to be seen under external USB power so I
can reformat and get it going?