[CentOS] Updates in 7.6.1810/os Repository from the CR Announce List

Thu Dec 20 13:45:19 UTC 2018
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

As part of the CR process (
https://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/Repositories/CR ), the
following updates were done and are included in the CentOS base ( os/ )
repository for CentOS Linux 7.6.1810.



There was an issue with the announcement generation scripting that used
the errata API to pull information for the announcements (that is now
fixed), so some of the announcements happened later than the actual
build date and release date of the packages (as an example, the date we
created the man-db announcement was December 19th (
) .. the actual date of the package build was 30 Oct 2018 08:26:54 PM
UTC .. and it was signed and then released initially into CR on 12 Nov 2018.

We have since generated any missing announcements to the CR announce
list and also any updates to the os/ repo (that live in the udpates/
repo) were announced to this centos-announce list.

Johnny Hughes

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