[CentOS] Gtkcdlabel + cdlabelgen on CentOS 7 ?

Wed Jan 3 09:37:19 UTC 2018
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>

Le 03/01/2018 à 00:45, Frank Cox a écrit :
> I guess the next step would be to either find and install the missing
> fonts, or re-write template.ps to use the fonts that you have
> available.

I tried to add some TrueType fonts to Ghostscript, but it looks like
this isn't possible.

Until now, the only thing I know about fonts is if I add some downloaded
TrueType fonts to /usr/share/fonts/<customdirectory> and run fc-cache -f
then this font becomes available for applications like LibreOffice.
Apparently, Ghostscript is a different beast.

So I'm facing a handful of very basic questions.

1. How do I know which GhostScript fonts are available on my system? (I
googled that, but I think you have to have an IQ above 180 to understand
the few answers to that question...)

2. How do I add fonts (Helvetica, Courier, etc.) to GhostScript?



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